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One site regargless of how nice and informative it is cannot give sufficient information and give info on all poker aspects. For this reason we list sites that we consider very useful and adequate.

Online poker magazine that tells not only about poker and women that play it but also other info that mighty be interesting for women.

Chris Moneymaker, one of the team PokerStars pro, teaches how to turn poker into moneymaker poker giving useful tips and poker articles.

At his tao blog Paul ‘Dr. Pauly’ McGuire will give you some tips about live poker tournaments.

If you are interested at chinese poker, visit Thesmolens.com.

More useful and effective, gaming information at Jme.com.

Inexhaustible resource of blackjack data from Dir.yahoo.com.

Effective card-counting strategies for blackjack players irrespective of the level of their experience.

One of my favourite sites, about video poker and other casino games that really has something to offer to its visitors.

Dmoz is ready to offer plenty sites rich in slots information slot machine fans can benefit from.





Poker calculator can do extremely useful things. It is based on similar principle as online blackjack calculator.

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