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Reading the Community Cards Better to Figure Out the Winning Hands

In hold’em it is not as easy as we think it is to read the board of community cards. At times we would need to just look again and think twice before being able to figure out what the winning hand could be. This information is also important when playing other 777 casino games like blackjack. A few of the examples given here would make it a bit easier. If it's hard for you - don't forget that usually every online casino is able to offer a wider range of gambling games then real casinos.

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Example #1

If for example Player A has a 8 8 and player B has a A 2, the cards on the board are K K 9 5 9. In this situation Player A’s pair of 8 would be taken over by the community cards and he would now have a pair of K’s and 9’s and the kicker would just be an 8. And Player B would also have the same pairs but his kicker of A would be stronger and that is why he would be the one to win the hand.

Example #2

Consider another example where again Player A would hold a 5 5 and player B would be holding an A A and the board has 5 10 10 8 10. On the river player A’s full house is counterfeited and player B would then have the best hand for a full hand of tens full of Aces. Player A’s fives full of tens is not the strongest hand.

Example #3

In a third example Player A has a 10d As and Player B has 9s 8s and the board has the cards 7s 5s 2s Kd and Js. So who would win this hand? In this situation, Player B has flopped the flush and a straight flaw draw at that but on the river when the card was revealed, his flush was beaten by the fourth spade which made Player A’s ace high flush the winner.

Example #4

In the fourth example player A has A A and player B has a K K and there is a lot of betting and raises going on before the flop. The Board reveals a K Q Q Q Q. who would have the best hand? In this situation even when player B flops kings full and there are no Aces, he still lost. Player A won because quads came up on the board. He holds the best hand with a single ace.

Example #5

Player A has 9 9 and player B has A K and the board shows Q Q 3 3 3. In this situation both the players take the pot. They would split the pot with threes full of queens.


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