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Caribbean Stud Poker - Familiarize Yourself with the Game!

Have you ever played Caribbean stud poker? If not, then you must try to play this poker game since it is one of the most popular poker games in the world. This is the twin sister of Texas Hold 'Em poker and if you are a poker fan, it is important for you to try this poker game. In case, you failed to experience both of these games, then you need to know that Caribbean Stud is an exciting casino game that can be played online or in real casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker Peculiarities

As the name implies, it started in Caribbean. It is similar to basic game of five card stud poker. What makes this special and exciting is that this game gives players the chance to do side bets and an opportunity to win huge amount of money. It is true that both online and land-based casinos offer players progressive jackpots that can reach millions of dollars. This is the reason why many poker players love playing Caribbean stud. In this type of poker, you will play against the dealer. It is the hand of the dealer that you need to beat in order to win the jackpot. Right before you start playing, you need to equip yourself with knowledge about diverse hands as well as their corresponding ranks. The following are important rules of the game.

  • Players should make an ante, which is the minimum that has been set for the game. It is also important to decide if you want to opt for a side bet of $1. The side bet is the number that accumulates as progressive jackpot.
  • Players will be dealt with 5 cards that are facing down. The dealer will deal 4 cards for himself that are also facing down and one card facing up.
  • Player must decide if he or she will fold out of hand or call. If you want to call and put another bet, then you need to double your original ante to be placed into the pot.
  • Once all players have decided that is the time when the dealer will show his hand. To win the game, dealer should have a king or an ace or better than that. In case the hand of the dealer does not qualify, then players will be paid back by their ante and their call bet will be pushed.
  • When the dealer hand qualifies, the player will compare their hand to the dealer’s hand. If the hand of the dealer is better, then players will lose their ante as well as their call bet. In case a player’s hand is better, then you will be paid with your ante and the amount set by the table. The pay table may vary per casino, so it is important that you ask before playing in any online or land-based casino.

Any player whether professional or amateur can win millions in Caribbean stud for as long as they will play with strategy and luck on their side.

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