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Poker Variations: Differences and Common Traces

It is the weekend and you’re planning to get together with your friends. If you’re still wondering how to make it an entertaining gathering, why not indulge your friends in a game of poker. It doesn’t matter whether you and your friends are good poker players or not. All that is needed is a basic understanding of the game flow. If you do decide to play poker, you may be confused by the different poker variations. However, although they may have different names, the basis remains unchanged.

Differences Among Poker Variations

The most common poker variations are stud poker, draw poker and community poker. Even within these poker games there are other variations. In stud poker, cards are dealt face up and face down. Seven card studs is a popular variation of the stud game. In draw poker, players are dealt cards face down with some cards placed at the center of the table. During the game, players are allowed to draw from the card placed in the center. In community poker, the cards dealt to the players are incomplete and face- up cards are shared among players. Texas Hold’em is a popular variation of community poker.

For a fun filled evening with friends, players could try out the different poker variations starting with the easiest. An easy five card poker game to play at home is jack or better. In this game, players are dealt five cards and unless a player on the table has a jack, the game Casino Mobile is considered dead. This means that all players have to replace their cards in the deck and the dealer has to shuffle and serve again. This time, if a player gets a jack or a queen, play can continue if not the cards will have to be reshuffled. If on the next card a player gets a king or ace, play can continue if not it will be back to looking for a jack. At the end of play, the player with the highest hand wins.

In seven card stud poker variations, cards are saved facing upwards and others facing downwards. In a seven stud game like follow the queen, the queen is considered to be wild and any card that comes after it. A community game like Texas Holdem involves serving cards face up and face down separated by betting rounds.

Best Poker Variations To Play at Home

These are just some of the poker variations which can be enjoyed at home. It is wonderful that a lot of entertainments can be gotten from a pack of cards. Just about anyone can learn to play the game and once they get a hang of it becomes very easy. To add to the fun, once everyone has become comfortable with the different poker games listed above, they could move to other poker games like murder, crazy pineapple and Omaha. Although they may have different names, any tips learnt while playing other games will come in handy. Always remember to learn some of the etiquette so you will be able to play with confidence and without risk of annoying other players when you play out of a family setting.

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