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Advantages and Disadvantages of Texas Holdem

One of the most common facts asked among beginners who are playing the poker game for the first time. “How to play poker?” The answer is not as easy as people might think it to be, particularly when you are playing no limit Texas Holdem.

Focus on your bet

- If you strongly want to get rid of the opponents.

- If you have excellent hand and go for less aggressive betting to win the pot

- If you have strong hand and the opponent is a novice, bet more. Restrict yourself while plying with an expert player with same hand.

- Try betting in the range of 1/3 to 2/3’s of the pot, if you have average hands and want to get some idea about other players’ stands.

The bottom line is that you must bet an amount because of which the opponents conduct wrong decision:

-have better hand? Fold

 -  got bad hand? call

 - very poor hand? Raise

 However, these factors are dependant on the particular situation and of course the rival players.

Study your opponents well.

 1. Don’t bluff if the opponent is calling station.

 2. Bluffing is not applicable to all opponents as some take such things to heart. try to exploit by over betting big hands instead of bluffing.

 3. Has the player faced bluff recently? If yes, there are chances that he will call

 4. Is he familiar with calculating pot odds? If you sense that he is not, then bet higher than usual.

 5. Find out whether the opponent likes to chase costly draws

 6. Will he raise big draws like nut flush?

 7. Find out whether his current status (winning/loosing) is affecting his game. Many experienced often make silly mistakes while loosing. grab such situation.

 Analyze particular situations

 1. Consider the size of the pot

 2. Number of opponents you are playing with

 3. Do you have a feeling that your hand is the strongest

 4. Have you noticed any player to raise prior to the flop?

 5. Mark the player who raised prior to the flop. Analyze whether the player will continue to bet without considering the board results

 You must decide on how much to bet only after thinking of all such situations. One of the common mistakes that a novice makes is betting everything in order to avoid a raise. Before doing such things, consider the pot size. Is betting your entire $100 stack worthy enough for a $20 pot? This is a situation when you have the strongest hand and other players will stay away from calling your bet. If someone calls, it means that you have probably lost the game.

 Keep in mind - It is better not to be a caller rather be a bettor if the pot size is big. By doing this you are providing yourself two winning chances]

 At the showdown, your bet will be called and you will win

 You will win when others do the folds

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