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Poker Interesting Facts

Poker is one of the beloved games of American players that is true. But gamblers from Canada, Latin America, European and Asian Countries, Africa and Australia also adore it! For most of the players who love poker that is a serious game where you should always be concentrated even if you do not participate in a certain game round. There is no time to make jokes, you should only follow your strategy and never show your emotions. But sometimes we need to take some rest and forget for a few moments about williamhill poker competitions. The perfect way to do that is read some poker facts that can be not only good for you are a gambler, but also make your mood better. Here they are!

Winning and Competition Facts

The youngest WSOP winner is Joe Cada. He won the competition when he was only 21.

First WSOP round took place in 1970.

In 2012, Greg Merson won almost $10 million in WSOP!

The leader of the poker winners is Antonio Esfandiari, also known as ‘magician’. The total sum of his winnings is about $25, 500, 000.

Women also play poker! Vanessa Selbst is one of the most successful women players with more than $9, 600, 000 won.

History Facts

4 kings from the deck are not just fiction characters. They all represent some of the real kings (King of Spades represents King David, Charles the Great is King of Hearts, King of Clubs is for Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar is King of Diamonds).

First poker chips appeared at the end of 19th century.

No one knows the origins of the word ‘poker’ though some believe this word has French origins.

Playing in lucky underwear won’t help you win the game. Bluffing and profound game understand is the key!

New Orleans is the American state where poker was played for the first time.

Have 22 in your hand? It will be called ducks. With 33 you will have crabs.


From 60 to 80 millions of Americans play poker.

With 52 cards deck 2, 598, 960 hand variations can be created.

The highest limit game was played by Andy Beal, Ted Forrest, Gus Hansen, Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon. The minimal bet was $100, 000 and the maximum one - $200,000.

Today there are more than 130 variants of the game!

The older poker championship winner was 80 years old.

Poker is really one of the games you should try to play. Reading the fact above you can easily understand why it is so. Anyone can become a winner and get huge money just for playing his favorite game.  Playing at online casinos you will get more offers of improving the way you play game. So stop wasting your time and visit good and reputed casino now. You can become next world known player!

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