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Omaha Poker – an overview

One of the fastest growing formats in the online Poker scene is Omaha Poker, your standard Texas Hold’em with a twist that gives you more chance of finding those winning hands.

Omaha uses the same basic principle as most poker games in that the highest hand wins but players handle more cards in the hole than usual to give everyone a fighting chance each deal.

Just like Texas Hold’em the aim is to make the best hand you can out of five cards, with Royal Flush being the greatest (and most improbable) outcome right down to highest card.

The difference is each player is dealt four cards for their hole and they must use precisely two of these accompanied by precisely three from the table.

Your hole cards are hidden from other players and, following the same betting pattern as Texas Hold’em, five community cards are eventually dealt on the table. When final bets are settled whoever has the best hand between his two of four and the tables three of five takes the win.

The benefit of playing Omaha Poker online is that you have more chance of making a good hand if you stay in the pot.

Unlike Texas Hold’em, where a bad hand straight from the deal often leads to a immediate fold, many online poker players have something to play with from two of their four in-hand cards.

When the table is laid everything can change and that is where Omaha gets exciting. Opponents find it difficult to predict your bluffs as it is but from nowhere that bluff bet may turn into a winning hand and completely reverse your fortunes in an instant.

That is the magic of Omaha, the stakes are usually greater due to more ‘healthy’ hands per deal and with greater numbers of players in the pot there is more money to be won.

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